9.1.2013  CHRISTEENE returns tooo AUSTIN

By the grace of all things riyeeet in the world, CHRISTEENE brings the entire fuggin group back from a European tour spanning 5 countries and several back rooms and basements to the unholy realm of Austin, Texas.  Expect the absolute worst and only the very best as tha gang reunites for the first time in their beloved republican hatin’ hometown. FREEEEE.


We all cookin our asses off in Austin Texas, yalllz. Da CHRISTEENE machine is fuckin busy writin new shit and JJ Booya is stanked an preppin tooo produce da sweet soundz ferr 2014 Haaaaay! Expect tooo see us do a lil hit up in Austin in da next couple months an we smellin sum Dallas Texas tooo. Halloween is on da rise an Novembers Turkey is callin diz nay nay to sum new adventures in sum new places we aint never spread it in before…like Minneapolis perhaps hmmmm? Stay da fuck toooooned cuz we ain’t done wit diz year yet yallz. BRANG IT WHEN U SEE IT XXX


Da tour iz over an me an da Boyz got up on an up in more shit den a horse can crap yalllz. Too all da majiikal creatures dat we wuz able to hold an kiss an spit on an lay down wit…yall brought da beef an we made da burgerz. It was one of da best times we ever fuckin had an we cant wayeeet to plug up in again an brang back da power of da covens we formed wit all u over there. Da fuckin gates have opened an we been inspired ta lite da horses up an lettem run like da wild beast dey R. XXX

Me an JJ BOOYA be gearin up ferr sum P TOWN BEAR WEEK riyeeet about now an we got more honey in da pootay then we can hold! Luv dem Bearz an cant wayeet tooo git my hands alllll over dem sweet hairy belly boyz. After da P town LOS ANGELEEEZ iz gunna git a dose uh me an PJ RAVAL at da OUTFEST an den hittin sum MORE Bearz at Bears in Space!! Prep it up an lez roll it OUT yallzzz HAAAAY X