12.10.2013  ONLINE NAY NAY!

Praise be allll da fugggin Saints! Da ONLINE STORE is herrr an kickin dat Holiday Assss! Git up an roll diz shit out!

We raisin it up and givin ya’ll whut u need to make da most wit ur family an enemies. Riyeet now we don’t have Large Tee Shurtz, but dont worry….they will be in da store soooon! Gotta bake sum tooo make sum! XXXinstagram promo


This Friday, CHRISTEENE returns to Dallas, Texas, for the DALLAS FETISH BALL. With JJ Booya strapped in, the two plan on disfiguring every aspect of this glorious affair. Lingerie and nighttime apparel exxxpected. CUM PLAY.

Immediately following this mess, CHRISTEENE embarks on a mission to Portland, Oregon to destroy Matt Bearracuda’s Birthday shit show. Prepare for awful thingz.

9.10.2013  RETURN TO HELL…A Hallowe’en Ball.

CHRISTEENE & JJ BOOYA crack the seal of Hell once again for a Halloween Ball stacked with stone cold crass witchery, hot hell house madness, devil’s danse, blue flames and black blood.  Featuring the sick designs of Little Stolen Moments, Poo Poo Platter, The Oracola, images by Stephen Fishman, DJ sets by JJ Booya plus special guests, and a rare live performance by CHRISTEENE set within the spirit of the dark season.  Adorn yourselves with the finest for the ball or keep yourselves in the misery of your own home. Thursday, October 31st. halloween poster GET TICKETS HERE.