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January 27 2015

CHRISTEENE IZ CUMMIN TOO AUSTRALIA AN NEW ZEALAND HAAAY! So stanked too announce that CHRISTEENE will be swingin the globe in February to tha down under land. The performer’s first time in OZ/NZ will be a raw redefined solo assault. T Gravel and C Baby will be staying in the USA pigpen for this shit hit, only to return the next time around after all proper dumpin has ensued. Get ur asses ret an BRANG OUT ALL U FUGGIN GOT. (check calendar for deets)


CHRISTEENE and the Boyz have returned from the Summer Tour…winning hearts, holes, and awards (The Arches Brick Award/Glasgow) that will bring their asses back across the pond in 2015! Butt, before all that shit hits, they are preppin for a few messes to be made as the winter months set in and start to freeze those tawdry nay nays.

First off, faggots, prep ur pootaays for TRANNYSHACK LA !! with ugly ol’ Heklina and friendz. Iz gonna really burrrn. Follow that shit up with the 3rd annual HALLOWE’EN HELL BALL in CHRISTEENE’s homeland of Austin for a long ass night of stank witchery… then, dip ur fingers into Matt Bearracuda’s Birthday slam in SAN FRAN at the end of November. Follow the trail, kittens…iz all on the *calendar page*

In the meantime, check out this stank video from France, where CHRISTEENE was ‘interviewed’ by TRACKS / ARTE while they were sniffing the singer out at Le Klub in Paris. See ya’ll fuckers sooooooon!!! XXX



Tuesday the 24th marks the first of a 10 stank show run at the Soho Theatre in London. Experience the full length CHRISTEENE MACHINE in a space that has NO business hosting this wretched mess! It’s CHRISTEENE in one of her favorite city’s in the wurrrrld. LONDONTOWNE!! Be the furst wurst to witness this hot mess in alllllll its glory. The Tour Starts Here. (and check the calender for all stops!) GET TIX NOW FUCKERS.